Savvy mom mentorship

Private Support Program for New Parents

Hello, my name is Chelisa! I help expecting parents focus on a personalized plan to help them feel prepared and confident as they welcome their new baby.  I help set them up for success!


The Savvy Mom Mentorship is for expecting mothers who...

  • are looking for personalized, one on one guidance from the comfort of their own home

  • want more in-depth knowledge than just a birth class

  • would like to add an additional person to supplement your support team

  • want the flexibility of around the clock messenger access

  • are looking for an open, safe space for non-judgemental support

Value: $300/month

Join now for $199/month

Limited Availability!

I remember feeling overwhelmed

...I struggled with breastfeeding

...I had very little help

...I had SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. and really no one to ask.

I thought I was ready for my newborn, but if I had to do it over, I would spend time with someone who could help me see beyond the birth BEFORE I had my baby. I came home from the hospital with a handful of discharge papers and a super cute nursery. What I didn't have, was an idea of what I was about to experience.

I shed almost as many tears as my newborn in those first few months. Breastfeeding was harder than I had imagined, I laid awake at night watching my baby's chest rise and fall, but most importantly, I totally failed to make sure my needs were met. I found myself wishing there was a fairy godmother somewhere that I could reach out to whenever I needed her! Since that fairy godmother didn't exist, I basically muddled my way through the days and nights doing the best I could. 

After 24 years of experience, I have finally launched what I hope will fill the gap between a fairy godmother and a personal consultant. The Savvy Mom Mentorship will give you the knowledge you need to feel confident stepping into your new role. We can begin working together as soon as you're ready in your pregnancy! And even if you've already welcomed your new baby home, this is still a great fit! 

Years ago, our families stepped up to the plate when babies arrived. We don't really have that luxury today for so many reasons and yet we inherently NEED support and care as we are welcomed into motherhood. I want to virtually help hold that space for you. 

Can you imagine starting a brand new job without a handbook and some guidance? New parents are expected to do just that when they leave the hospital!                                

If you're hoping to step into this new role with the greatest comfort & confidence...


This mentorship is for you! 

Features of this mentorship

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  • 2 monthly, private one on one video calls for planning and questions

  • 24-hour private messenger access (walkie talkie type service that's free for you)

  • 1 online newborn care class

  • Online Breastfeeding class (access for 9 months)

  • Postpartum Journal with helpful information for you to take notes and make plans during our calls

  • Access to The Nurtured Moms Collective Facebook group

  • 1 monthly group call if you're looking to build a network of support of like-minded moms

Value: $300/month

Join now for $199/month

Limited availability!

Meet Your Mentor

Becoming a mother was the first thing I ever dreamed about. I always imagined having a really big family. I got my wish! I have 3 amazing kids of my own and also welcomed 3 bonus children 8 years ago when I married my husband. Blending families isn't always easy but we have pretty amazing children and they have made it so easy. 

As the children grew, I felt like it was finally time to invest my time and passion into helping other families who were just getting started. My journey into the birth world began and I never looked back. It has been such a gift to connect with so many wonderful people during that time. I began working primarily during postpartum with families but soon became certified as a birth doula too. It has been an amazing experience.

I am beyond passionate about helping new families find their footing and confidence as they begin life as a new parent.

I am currently living in Ohio and I have always been and always will be a HUGE Ohio State Football fan. On the weekends that I'm not watching football, you will find me and my husband playing in a really fun band called Chuckie's In Love. Music has always been a big part of my life and I am blessed to still have the chance to sing.

Besides being a birth nerd, I love to research and learn about so many topics. History is a favorite subject and most recently I have delved into the world of Epigenetics. I'm a lover of all the foods and am particularly fond of coffee. One of my favorite past times is watching True Crime. I also love discussing all things Enneagram.