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Real Talk About Postpartum

Do you fall prey to the Social Media standards of parenting? It's exhausting sometimes to see all of the things added to the list of becoming a new parent. Birth Announcements, Gender Reveal Parties, Beautiful Maternity Photos, Doula, Newborn Photography, Letter boards with cute sayings with photos to match like it's all going really well.

With all of this on your list, it's hard to even imagine being able to prep for your 4th Trimester. Quite honestly, the first few months following the birth of your baby will be incredibly challenging. Yep! People go through it all of the time and they handle it well.

But, do they?

Let's get honest with the postpartum talk. It can feel like you're in another universe from the one you were in before this little babe arrived. Even just moments after! Having a place to get real about your postpartum feelings is really important. Knowing that you have people walking along side of you, just as exhausted as you can be comforting.

Join us in the Postpartum Sessions Facebook group for the real talk you're looking for. We're going to cover it all. It's a closed group of brand new moms who are experiencing all the things you are. We will have live videos so you can ask questions in real time; Focused videos about topics you've requested; Resources and Reviews; etc.

Don't feel like you have to navigate Postpartum alone!

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