"Their Arrival is just the beginning of your journey"

Birthing Tub Pregnant Woman
Newborn Baby

The baby has Arrived! Now what?

Throughout your pregnancy, you have had a close working relationship with your care provider. Especially during the last month! Once you're ready to leave the hospital and begin your postpartum period, you start to realize that you're not going home with an owner's manual. Aside from your quick postpartum visit, an initial visit with your pediatrician, and once the family heads back home, you can feel isolated. As a Postpartum Doula in Cincinnati, I can help bridge that gap. I will come to your home and can step in wherever you're feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you need the house straightened so you don't feel like things are piling up around you. Maybe you have questions about newborn care or breastfeeding. Maybe you just need some uninterrupted postpartum sleep so you don't feel exhausted. I am happy to work with you each shift on whatever is your biggest priority for that day. 

How do you envision birth?

From the moment you find out you are pregnant, you will start to have ideas of how you would like to experience birth. Each pregnancy and each birth will be unique. Do you imagine giving birth in a hospital or birth center? Maybe you've even thought about delivering at home. Do you want your family close by or do you think you would like it to be an intimate experience for just you and your partner? Do you want to be mobile and adjusting positions? Have you considered using a birth ball, peanut ball, birth tub or other comfort measures? If you are looking for birth support in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, these are all things I can orchestrate with you so your child's birth is as memorable as you hope it will be!

Pregnant Woman
Newborn Baby
Newborn Baby