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Client Reviews

The birth of your child is such an intimate time for you and your partner. That's why I do not take the role of being your Birth  Doula lightly. It is a privilege to be invited to share that experience with you. It is equally as important to be  invited into your home following the birth of your child as your Postpartum Doula. I want you to feel confident and comfortable having me there to help you. 


Here are reviews from some of my past clients that I wanted to share:

Chelisa is absolutely wonderful. We could not have survived our first year with twins without her. She always gave us and our children her full attention and was always calm and collected when we were not. Our twins adored her and she was always there when we needed her. We would recommend her to anyone in an instant without any hesitation or reservations.

Dana - Cincinnati

Chelisa is amazing and I cannot recommend her more!! She is compassionate, caring, down to earth, and extremely knowledgeable. She is completely non-judgmental in regards to the choices, thoughts, and decisions you have about the birth you want. In the end, my daughters birth was out of my hands and completely not planned, but Chelisa rolled with it and supported me completely - even afterward when I was struggling to breastfeed. I cannot thank her enough and strongly recommend that you chose Chelisa as your childbirth and postpartum doula! 

Whitney - Cincinnati

Chelisa is an amazing doula… and so much more.
We hired Chelisa for our first birth and got so much more than we expected. There are too many things to list but here are just a few:
-Chelisa held our hand and guided us before, during and after labor
-She was always on time and was extremely generous with her time. We never felt rushed and asked many questions in every session.
-She is patient and answers all questions thoroughly
-Her calming voice and presence was such a huge comfort for my husband and I before, during and after those challenging moments in the weeks following the birth
-She is incredibly responsive to phone calls and texts
-Her humble and modest attitude is so lovely to be around.
-She is incredibly open to feedback (albeit the fact that she doesn't need it)
-she worked well alongside the medical professionals in delivery room. Our delivery doctor even asked us for her information after labor.
-She is an attentive listener and strove to understand who we are and what we needed. She was able to approach her care style according to our needs.
-She is very knowledgeable and empowered us to make informed medical decisions that suited our birthing goals.

My husband and I are so grateful she was part of our son's birth. We were so grateful for everything she did for us and saw her as an angel that made this process possible.
We had some challenges in the hospital and Chelisa was able to walk us through those difficult moments with ease.
I could not have done this without her. She was so comforting to me during my contractions and held me throughout the birthing process. She came to hold my hand the week after I gave birth and was there at every step. I am so grateful to her and can't thank her enough.

Yael & Joe - Cincinnati

My husband and I hired Chelisa as our birth doula for our second child. This would enable my husband to tend to our 2-year-old. From the beginning Chelisa was very kind, reaching out to check on us. My 2 year old loved her from the first time he met her! I really enjoyed how she shared our views on certain things and was completely understanding as well. She always had advice to offer and was extremely comforting. I cannot get over how truly comfortable I felt around her. She has a very soothing, calm demeanor which was a HUGE deal for me since I'm generally untrusting of others and struggle with anxiety! During my childbirth, she was there every step of the way! She took wonderful photos, helped decorate the birth space, she even held my toddler and kept him busy so my husband could be involved. Chelisa was absolutely magnificent and was *exactly* what I needed and more. If my husband and I have another child, we're definitely hiring her again! I cannot emphasize enough the importance of Chelisa's presence throughout my pregnancy and delivery. My only regret is not having her as our post-partum doula as well!!

Alyssa - Cincinnati

I've met a handful of people in recent years who I felt were born to do the work they do, and Chelisa is among them. It's clear she was called to be a doula, and she answered the call. I'm posting this review as a former client, as well as a fellow small business owner. Chelisa supported my family for several months after the birth of my second child. She saw our family through the best of times and some hard times, also, and she was thoroughly professional, empathetic, helpful and impactful. The work she does is important, but doing it well and with integrity is even more important. She honors women, parents, children, and pets, too! I'm grateful to know her, and I'm confident any family that hires her will feel the same. Leave the baby gadgets off the registry, and call Chelisa instead.

Tasha, Cincinnati

I didn't plan on having Chelisa as my doula, but I'm so glad she was! I got a call to let me know that if I went into labor within the next 24 hours that Chelisa would be my doula. I was a little nervous because we hadn't been able to meet yet, so of course, that's what ended up happening! She was supportive and calm. She was patient with me and while my husband guided me on our birth vision, she also gently reminded me what I needed to do to achieve it. The wet washcloths on ice were amazing. AMAZING. She was also supportive in the weeks following delivery, listening and offering her experience to me as a new mom. She is a wonderful doula - highly recommend!

Jill, Cincinnati

My husband Dan and I hired Chelisa to be our doula for the birth of our first baby in November of 2017. We are so glad that we did! Chelisa was there for us every step during a very long labor and delivery. She checked up on me several times in the two weeks leading up to my due date and was always available to ask questions to. When I went into labor, she jumped into action and was ready as soon as we needed her. She came to our house during the middle part of my labor and stuck by our sides at the hospital until the middle of the night when our son was born. She helped me feel capable and ready as a first-time mom and she helped my husband have what he needed to support me. She helped us write a birth plan, and helped us stick to it as much as possible at the hospital. During the postpartum period, she was calming and gave great advice. Most of all, she has a great passion for moms and babies! I recommend her wholeheartedly and hope she's still doula-ing when I have a second baby.

Elise, Cincinnati

I hired Chelisa as my postpartum doula. My husband went back to work 1.5 weeks after baby girl was born, leaving me home with a newborn, a 20 month old, and a 3.5 year old. So Chelisa came over first thing in the mornings. We would chat about how I was doing and she was a great listener and offered support and encouragement. Then she’d take over so I could rest in bed with my newborn. She washed the dishes and cleaned my kitchen, brought me water, and hung my laundry outside on the line. She spent most of the mornings playing with my big kids. She would color with them and take them outside in the backyard. They loved her and were always so excited to see her whenever she came over. Before she left each day she made them lunch. Then she would hold the baby so I could take a shower. Because of Chelisa, this was my least stressful postpartum. I was able to rest, let my body heal, and bond with my baby.

Monica, Cincinnati 

Chelisa and I met a few weeks after I gave birth and I instantly felt her warmth and love of caring for new/expecting mothers, their babies and the huge adjustment of parenthood. I became a postpartum client and Chelisa extended meaningful help across a myriad of areas. Most special to me was the genuine encouragement of owning motherhood in my own way and the fact that I trusted her with my son. Becoming a mum rocked my world and having her support and presence at a very defining time will have a lasting impact. She is generous, kind and I would highly recommend her to new or second or third time mums. She has been through a lot as a mum, can share excellent perspective and is committed to growing and learning in her field. Thanks, Chelisa!

Lara, Cincinnati

Chelisa is amazing!!! Her voice is the most calming thing ever. Definitely in the right profession! She is dependable, trustworthy, hardworking, and as sweet as can be! So easy to talk to and not judgmental at all about my birth plan preferences. She came to my home and gave me tons of new information on birthing and delayed cord cutting, delayed bathing, etc. I really felt confident going into labor. I, unfortunately, had some complications and ended up having my baby about 30 minutes after I got to the hospital and was in too much pain to call Chelisa to let her know I was in labor. My mom called her when we got to the hospital but my baby girl came too quickly. Chelisa still came to the hospital and I am forever grateful for that because after the baby was born and I delivered the placenta and was stitched up, I continued having awful contractions. Chelisa was right by my side and I'll never forget hearing her say, "something is wrong here." Definitely the advocate I needed at that time. I ended up having to go to surgery because I was hemorrhaging. Thank God Chelisa was there! After I was home Chelisa stayed in contact with me making sure everything was okay with me and my baby girl and asking if I needed anything. I would recommend Chelisa to anyone and everyone! She's the best!!!

Jamie, Northern Kentucky

Chelisa was amazing! I had to be induced and was very nervous about it as I was aiming/hoping for a medication-free, natural birth. She was so assuring, calming, encouraging and supportive throughout the whole process. She reminded me of different positions to try, deep breathing to help through the contractions, suggesting the shower for pain relief, and getting things I didn't even know I would want and need (ice chips, warm towels, peanut birth ball), offered physical support (counter pressure, hip squeezes, and just her physical body as leverage as I was writhing through the contractions!) She is also so easy/wonderful to talk to and it was nice to be able to even have a nice chat during the early stages of labor. I'm fairly certain I'm not having any more children, but if I were I would hire Chelisa again in a heartbeat!

Jessica, Cincinnati

Chelisa did my amazing birth photography for my April home birth and also did a postpartum doula shift. She is wonderfully kind and so lovely to work with. As my birth photographer, she entered the space like a ninja and I never noticed her presence. I don't know that she even spoke with me and left as quietly as she came. Perhaps a weird thing to mention but as a birth space is so sacred and special, especially when you birth at home, this was so appreciated. My photos are beautiful. She caught all of the rawness and beauty that is my birth story and I'm so thankful to have these images. My midwife commented that Chelisa was wonderful to work with as well. She was very prompt at getting me the edited images via Dropbox and even included a moving video of photos set to music. I would highly recommend using Chelisa as a birth photographer.

Chelisa also came over and did a postpartum doula shift for me when I was three weeks postpartum. She was cheerful, helpful and got stuff done without me asking. My two toddlers loved playing with her and I really appreciated being able to confidently hand her my newborn while I took a much needed shower. She cleaned my kitchen, took the trash out, started a load of laundry and helped with lunch. She also kept my water bottle full and a snack by my side during a long nursing session. I also had a great conversation with her which was so appreciated as being around kids all day can make anyone long for adult interaction. I would hire her again in a second. So grateful for her help and am happy to share my photos or answer any questions about my experience using Chelisa as a postpartum doula! She is a gem.

Elizabeth, Cincinnati